Indian Motorcycle 5-31-14

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Recent Headlines

in Entertainment

‘Pan’ taps origins of Peter Pan’s 100-year pop culture adventure


In the century since Scottish author J.M. Barrie created Peter Pan for a stage play then a book, the Neverland universe has inspired movies, books, TV shows, plays, video games and even a pop psychology syndrome describing emotionally immature men.

in Entertainment

Keanu Reeves wants to have a third ‘Bill & Ted’ adventure


The "Matrix" star says a script for the third installment of the "excellent" time-traveling franchise is in the works.

in Music

New biography details Tom Petty’s drug use


Tom Petty was hooked on heroin in the 1990s, according to his longtime pal Warren Haynes, who is preparing to release an unauthorized biography.

in Music

Phil Collins undergoes back surgery


The former Genesis star underwent the operation last week.

in Entertainment

Neil Patrick Harris writing children’s books


The "How I Met Your Mother" star is penning a new series called "The Magic Misfits."